Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rick Sanchez - Cop-Killer Was Influenced by Fox News And Right Wing Radio

CNN's Rick Sanchez said that the cop killer was no doubt influence by Fox News and right wing radio. The idea is that listening the the 'crazy right wingers' he got some 'crazy ideas' in his head. One of them was the fear that Obama may move to bad guns. Call me a 'crazy right winger' because I believe that Obama does what to restrict certain gun rights. My favorite part of the clip; a second amendment proponent was brought on to see why he believed that Obama was "coming for his guns". After he starts giving his legitimate reasons Sanchez responds, "That's all you got; is the record, the past?". What is he supposed to use, a magical crystal ball that predicts the future?

I saw this message being floated around some liberal blogs, that right wingers are responsible for these crazy gunmen. As ridiculous as that was, it did not seem that important because it was relegated to those bomb throwing liberal blog sites. Now that CNN is reporting this, it has risen to a level that should cause some concern.

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