Friday, April 17, 2009

Ziegler Cuffed Follow up

I posted before about Ziegler getting cuffed for having the audacity to ask questions outside a journalism award ceremony (Berman Post: John Ziegler Handcuffed For Trying to Ask Questions Outside a Journalism Award Event). He is now making the rounds talking about what happened to him. I embedded one such clip.

Some are trying to get CBS News' Katie Couric to comment on what happened. She was the one receiving the award when Ziegler was cuffed. To that end, they are starting a Tweeting campaign. The hope is that if enough people tweet her (using the service Twitter) that she will say something about it. Even if she does not, when people search for this in the future there will be a record of people asking her to speak and her remaining silent.


Video embedded below. (From

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