Sunday, April 26, 2009

Founding Bloggers Submit a DMCA Counter Notice

CNN used copyright claims to remove embarrassing videos of one of their reporter's skewed Tax Day Tea Party interviews (Berman Post: CNN Using Copyright to Erase Embarrassing Roesgen Tax Day Tea Party Clips). Founding Bloggers sent a DMCA counter notice to YouTube last Thursday (April 23rd). YouTube's policy is to forward to counter notice on to the complaining party which in this case is CNN. CNN then has ten days to tell YouTube that they are filing an action in court to argue that it was a copyright violation or Youtube will repost the video.

As a TV news network, they rely on fair use. Even a win here could hurt CNN in the long run. If they do nothing, they may be sued for damages if it can be proved that they "knowingly materially misrepresent[ing] ... that material or activity is infringing."

Founding Bloggers has also posted a new longer video. I notice that in this new video they used a Fox News clip of that skewed interview, exactly what I did in the my last post on the subject.

Video embedded below.

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