Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama May Have Come in Contact With The 'Swine Flu'

A 'Swine Flu' outbreak is causing serious concern in Mexico. So far there are 20 confirmed deaths from it with just under 70 deaths suspected 'Swine Flu' casualties. Another 1,000 people are showing symptoms. When Obama went to Mexico he met a man named Felipe Solis who died the next day with flu related symptoms. It has not been confirmed if Solis had the 'Swine flu'. Robert Gibbs said that Obama is not in any danger. The disease has already been spotted in the United States. Texas, California, Kansas, and New York all have confirmed or suspected cases. What has people really concerned is the apparent human to human transition of the disease. It may be to late to stop the 'Swine Flu' from going pandemic (meaning a global epidemic). The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is saying that the flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza seem effective against the 'Swine Flu'. Both drugs are stockpiled and they are ready to immediately deploy them where needed. The drugs must be taken early to be effective, within a few days of the symptoms appearing. Lets hope the death rate on this is low for the sake of the people who may not have access to the drugs.

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  1. I bet there was a fourth stage with a bio payload in that north korean rocket


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