Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss California (Carrie Prejean) Happy to be Championing a Cause

Miss California (Carrie Prejean) has continued to have a rough time since saying she believed in traditional marriage. She is taking it all in stride not sorry that she lost, and happy to have a cause (

The Miss California USA pageant tried to make her apologize and to not talk about her faith (

Alan Duncan (Senior Tory MP) made a joke about killing her. After calling Carrie Prejean a "silly b*tch", he said "If you read that Miss California is murdered you will know it was me" (

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton has give Obama a pass despite the fact the Obama has the same view as Carrie Prejean (

Even if she does not have a future in beauty pageants, which would be unfortunate, I think she will do just fine.

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