Thursday, April 23, 2009

Iran Tries to Pass Off Israeli Drone as Theirs, Fails

A photo of what was referred to as a new Iranian drone appears to be the same as a previously published picture of the Israeli Heron drone. The picture can no longer be found at the Iranian site.

If only their nuclear program was just a Photoshop phantom; but it is not.

"In an article run this week on the Maariv website, the photo used by Press TV of the Iranian drone is shown above a remarkably similar photo from Israel Aerospace Industries of the Heron 1 Israeli drone. The two photos appear to be exactly the same, with the angle of the shot and the clouds in the background identical in appearance.

Weighing in at well over a ton, the Israeli-made "Heron" drone is one of the largest UAVs in the world, at over 9 meters long with a wingspan of nearly 17 meters. It is intended for use in long-range tactical missions and can fly for over 30 hours at an altitude of over 6 miles."

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