Friday, April 24, 2009

Olbermann to Hannity - $1,000 to Charity For Every Second That You Undergo Waterboarding

Hannity said on his show that he would under go waterboarding for charity. Then he said he would do it for the troops families. I could not tell if he was serious or trying to crack a joke. Olbermann is now calling him out. The pledge; $1,000 to a charity for every second Hannity is waterboarded. The only condition is that another networks' cameras are there to record (at least one more besides Fox News cameras). Olbermann then said he would double it if Hannity admitted he feared for his life.

I have no desire to see journalists get waterboarded. If you have such a desire there are a number of clips out their already. In is not pleasant, but it works (Berman Post: Waterboarding Worked). It is much more pleasant than sawing someone's head off or not knowing about another 9/11 style attack coming down the pipe. If Hannity wants to do it, fine. I would certainly understand if he did not want to undergo something that is designed to break a man in short order.

You can stop watching the video at 2:15.

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