Monday, April 2, 2007

Letter From the Editor (Right World View Vol. I, No. 8)

I read the article entitled, "Purpose, Funding of 'Right World View' Questioned" in Volume 61, Issue 5 of the "Touchstone" with interest. Unfortunately, it misreports my views in almost every way. And one must wonder why another derogatory cartoon was used in the article.

There is an interesting apparent contradiction in the article. In the same sentence which seemed to say that we have not faced problems of being silenced, the author seems to hint that our club should be destroyed. This also overlooks the evident theft of half the distribution of our second issue. If that's not an attempt at silencing, I am not sure what is.

It seems to me that that the article was a purposefully slanted attack. Why? The article itself might better have been the subject of an editorial rather than set in the guise of investigative reporting. Especially if about half the article was edited / modified, as I was informed it was. I would hope that Joseph Fulginiti (Editor-in-Chief of the Touchstone) would agree with me that such modification (especially if it changes the intent of the article) would be inappropriate.

What is the Right World View; a Newspaper or a publication? Both, neither? There are so many possible titles, it is hard to pin it down. According to President Berman, on the front page of the first issue of the Touchstone this academic year, the Right World View is one of the two student-run Newspapers. Just an interesting note that was not picked up on in the article.

The preamble to the Mville College Code of Community Conduct includes the words, "The distribution of signed statements, publications and petitions is welcome…..", (Note the "s") recognizing and encouraging multiple publications, not just one. And there currently are at least three - the "Touchstone", "Right World View" and "Link" (not to mention "Graffiti", "Tower", and a myriad of newsletters). Why the fuss over "Right World View", Joe?

Let me now make a public request of Joseph Fulginiti - stop sending journalists to do so-called "investigative" reporting, and stop using offensive cartoons and pictures - they don't do you justice. Nothing that happens to the Touchstone is the Right World View's fault, nor mine. With this in mind, please leave the Right World View (including its writers and editors) alone and we will continue to afford you the same courtesy. I really do not want to see my name in your paper in any sort of negative light anymore and, here again, I will afford you the same courtesy.

On to some more pleasant news. You are holding in your hand our first official 16 page issue (in standard tabloid [11”x17”], no less). If you flip to the back page you can see that we now have broken the 50 contributors mark. I don't recall any other publication breaking these marks as long as I have been here. All this in our first year; our eighth issue.

We are proud to bring you a few new features. Photography lovers, we now have a featured photo section (page 14). We also have something new called "Castle View." Turn to page 15 and check it out. Have you ever felt poetic? We now have a section for you as well; the "Poetry Section" (page 15). Dance and Theater people, we haven't forgotten about you. There is a nice two page spread (pages 10 &11) about the upcoming Senior Thesis performances. All in all, I am very pleased with how this issue turned out and hope that you will be as well. Either way, let us know what you think by e-mailing or me personally at We are always interested in feedback and suggestions.

Andrew Berman

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