Friday, March 19, 2010

Creeper World Custom Maps

When I reviewed Creeper World by Knuckle Cracker (game website) I talked about the map editor. Combined with the ability to play other people's maps, it significantly increases the length of play for the game since it removes map repetition.

Here are my custom maps:
Bridge The Gap
Bridge The Gap Extended
Speed Bump
Flood Plain (1000th custom map)
Flat Bed
Jagged Edge
Creeper Ring
Creeper Pyramid
Artillery 1 (BermanPost)
Artillery 2 (BermanPost)
Artillery 3 (BermanPost)
Artillery 4 (BermanPost)
Elongated Pyramid
Tough Climb
Super Volcano
Hunker Down
Creeper Swirl
Creeper Swirl Plus
Segmented Snake
Climbing Lines
Climbing Lines Squared
Running Lines

Any comments about the map are best made on the page devoted to it. You can comment with links to your maps or to maps you found particularly challenging/interesting.

Note: page updated with maps I subsequently make without adding time stamps (time stamps present on the map page itself).

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