Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stupak Acknowledges Executive Order That Bought His HealthCare Bill Vote is Worthless

That means Stupak acknowleges his critics are right for pounding him for accepting an executive order as his compromise to try to prevent federal spending on abortion.

Video embedded below.


  1. Whatever you think about Nancy Pelosi, she's quite the skilled politician.

    While you peggy noonan, bill o'reilly, pence, boehner and the rest of the right-wing apparatus went on record concern trolling over process like "deem and pass", this which was probbaly in the works for weeks and was being finalized while all the right wing seemed to have their heads up their asses

    tsk tsk, don't take your eye off the ball

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - "Whatever you think about Nancy Pelosi, she's quite the skilled politician." No argument here. There was no 'eye off the ball'; there was observation and alarm sounding as Obama/Reid/Pelosi bribed, threatened, and pushed their way through this boondoggle.

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  4. well, She played you, Its what a good politician does, they do politics. They knew what they were doing, "deem and pass" was all over fox news and the right wing echo chamber (also on this blog), while the deal that sealed it was being done. Whine about stupak now, they know no one will care by the elections.

    The reason why the conservative movement got played by the democrats, is because its a movement made up of people getting played by its own leaders. it’s not just a movement incapable of thinking seriously about the interests of the country, it can’t think rigorously about its own goals. 2009-2010 has already seen the greatest flowering of progressive policy since 1965-66. No matter how well Republicans do in the 2010 midterms, the right will never fully roll back what the 111th Congress has done. And yet as if likely-, if they win seats in 2010, conservatives, like you and those in congress, will consider their behavior during 2009-10 to have been very successful.


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