Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paper Target (Shooting Range)

I found a place in the middle of NYC where I could put some rounds down range. The picture is the second target I used firing a .22 long rifle. It is definitely not as satisfying as some of the other guns I have been able to shoot, but it was this or nothing.

The target was roughly 40 feet away and I fired 25 shots at it. I was not as accurate with the first target; though in my defense it had been about a decade since I fired a .22 rifle (had shot other guns since my first .22 rifle).

As you can see from the date, it has been almost a month since I hit the range. My question is what to do with the target. I live on the top floor of what by NYC standards is a fairly small apartment building. The three main contenders are on my wall (where it is at present), on the inside of my window facing outward on the fire escape, or on my door (vote in the poll under the image).

Picture embedded below.

Poll embedded below.

What Should I do With my Rifle Target?
Leave it on your Wall
Facing out on your Fire Escape Window
Hang it on the outside of your Door
Burn it, you should be ashamed of your poor accuracy
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