Monday, March 29, 2010

Reid Supporters Throw Eggs at Tea Party Bus

If it was a Tea Party Protester throwing eggs and making threats it would be evidence that the whole movement was bias. Since the reality was reversed it will just be ignored by the media.

Video embedded below.


  1. Who cares about this? Only people hyped up on right-wing propaganda.
    but don't worry I'm sure a major "news outlet" like Fox will tell people about this urgent story that "proves" a left-wing conspiracy on the part of the media.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - who cares about this? The media keeps talking about threats and violence coming from the right while the real threats and violence are coming from the left. Just breaking the narrative.

  3. your "real threats and violence" are people throwing eggs at a teabag bus?

    that's not just a break from a narrative, its a break from reality.

    Only you care about this.

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