Monday, March 22, 2010

Russia to Finish Work on Iranian Nuclear Power Plant

Does this mean that 'Smart Power' really is not what it was cracked up to be? Time for another reset button?

"Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced that the nuclear power plant in Iran that is built by Russia would go on line this summer. At a meeting with officials in Volgodonsk, Putin said: "The launch of the first unit of Iran's nuclear power station should be implemented already this summer." However, he gave no exact date for the launch. His statement marked yet another postponement of the launch, which tentatively had been set for this spring.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Russia to delay the commissioning of the reactor until Iran proves that it will not use it for military means.


  1. Well, it's in Russia's interest for a wider war to break out, or for Us or Israel to bomb Iran.

    Demand for Russian gas will spike.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - Russian's know how to play the game, so I would not doubt this is in their interest; or else they would not be doing it. What happened to the 'smart power' we were promised though?

  3. "Russian's know how to play the game"? I mean I guess you could say their relative power to ours has increased in the past ten years, but our relative power to everyone's has decreased in the past ten years so I'm not sure specifically if what any kind of strategic wherwithall in the leadership. A probably better example of pragamtic foreign policy realism in the way the Chinese have conducted their foriegn policy. They do terrible things to their own people, but when it comes to geo-politics they know how to look our for their own.

    "smart power" is a term invented by Joespeh Nye, an academic. His definition of what that was supposed to mean was pretty nebulus in the first place, mostly it seems to mean full utilization of both the military and diplomatic apparatus in foreign affairs. I'm not really sure what you mean by "smart power", but I don't know why you would on paper be opposed to the concept of "smart power"


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