Friday, March 19, 2010

CBO Releases Preliminary Cost Report on HealthCare Overhaul Bill - $940 Billion

The number is still subject to change, but the Democrats are happy that it came in under $1 trillion. You can read their report here (PDF file). It seems at first glance as if all the tricks are still in place. The biggest of which is may be that despite the 'ten year plan' it only really starts four years from now. That means that the cost may be under a trillion ten years from when the bill would pass (though I doubt that as well), but the ten year cost from when it really starts would be well over.

Picture embedded below.

"Here’s the key table from CBO’s letter to Pelosi. Via Philip Klein, want to see what a shabby fraud these cost estimates are? Check out the line for “Gross Cost of Coverage Provisions”:


This is why they’re delaying the start of the program, of course. If it kicked in right away, the decade-long estimate would obviously be well into the trillions. So they simply stalled it for four years, incurring just $17 billion in costs — or 1.8 percent of the total 10-year estimate — through 2013 so that wavering Democrats could go back to their districts and tell baldfaced lies to their constituents about the pricetag."

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