Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dana Loesch Responds to The Tea Party Smear on O’Reilly (Fox News)

Loesch's part about the trustworthiness of the people making the allegations because of how they voted is not valid. The point about smearing a group based on one nut not being right is correct, especially with the false flag operations the other side has called for. With so many cameras around the event, it is hard to believe that not one of them caught it on tape.

Video embedded below.

As Glenn Reynolds says; "I should also note — as Dana points out above — that when goons, wearing SEIU t-shirts even, beat up Ken Gladney and called him a “nigger” the press wasn’t interested at all despite the presence of video, and charges filed, while it’s been happy to run with a story about tea partiers that the video contradicts. So the whole have-you-no-decency routine here seems kinda contrived and desperate."


  1. awww poor tea baggers.

    Dude, you need to stop reading Glenn Reynolds, he's nuts and is bad for your brain.

    Also I've never heard of Dana Loesch, but if she's a "talk radio host" then it figures- either her you and glenn reynolds are lieing about the Kenneth Gladney deal, or all of you or a combination of you are being duped/ taken for a ride on the matter. I had never heard of Ken Gladney, so I did a google search and in two seconds found all I needed to help you educate yourself about reality:


    Like most things floating around the right-wing information cocoon, its mostly lies and propaganda.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - search for an extra second and I am sure you will find the video of the event. The fact that you had never heard of him before actually proves the point.

  3. It doesn't prove anything.

    the only point it goes to if it even goes to anything is that I havn't adopted the interests and concerns of the right-wing propaganda apparatus as my own.

    Otherwise a hoax like this may be one im concerned with, otherwise I have a life.

    I only gain an interest in things like this, spend two seconds of my life on a google seatch i can never get back, because you seem to have an interest in things like this, and yes I saw the video, its pretty uninteresting and unclear to me why this would concern anybody because this Gladney character is obviously some sort of charlatan.


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