Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alfonzo - "You're Entitled"

Video embedded below.


  1. haha this one would be funny if it wasn't pretty disgusting. Is your sister one of those single parents with an "entitlement" mentality? Was my mom a single parent because she felt "entitled" for government money? Its not ok to expect people working as teachers to maximize there wealth, but for health insurance companies who do so at the expense of people's care its ok? I'm pretty sure I had relatives who fled nazi germany because of the halocaust, not because hitler was trying to give them a volkswagon. This is pretty stupid dude.

    Its really not surprising, these kind of narrow minded expositions you find on sites like Brietbart and Pajamas media.

    whenever it gets political it brings in nothing but straw men arguments and false sociology- no hints that this guy knows anything about actual public policy. No wonder there are no intellectuals on the right, as soon as anyone does two seconds of thinking the whole conservative movement and their worldview looks ridiculous, not to mention it has been a total failure since 1964. Its done nothing but come to power a few times, but has it gotten any of its goals? no. civil rights are still with us, so are the new society programs. Its like they don't like democracy and would be happier if people shut up and do what they say is good for them.

    sadly this is a pretty good demonstration of how right-wing ideology, always with the effect of protecting and advocating for powerful people, is based on social resentments and people buying lies.

  2. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - Conservatives are not apposed to civil rights. Your entitlement programs will fall by the wayside as we either reform them or they bankrupt the whole system. Conservative systems have not been the ones that have failed, that distinction is reserved to the socialist ones.

  3. The modern conservative movement was built on opposition to civil rights, and yes conservatives usually are opposed to them.

    I don't think you know what socialism is, anymore then you could tell me what defines a "conservative system". Besides its pretty dishonest to say that entitlement programs are bankrupting us, when it fact these entitlement programs like food stamps and medicare are keeping people above levels of desperation and the whole ecnonmy from caving in.

    I think a much more relevant entitlement program in something like the Iraq and afghanistan military adventures. Or the subsidies we give every year to finance defense research and development in corporations or at places like Upenn and MIT. The way democracy is supposed to work if the government does what the poeple want, the people want social benefits which are the hallmark of an advanced developed economy. Since they won't subsidize defense industries if you ask them, we have to fool them in order to do so. That's where hardliner's and right-wing ideologies come in.

  4. @Ian Spencer Dubrowsky - crunch the numbers yourself. The entitlement programs costs are rising much faster then inflation and are pulling in an ever increasing percentage of our government spending. In the not to distant future they will try to pull in more then the government can spend as some do not even pull in enough money themselves; bankruptcy.

  5. the problems with programs like social security and medicare are actuarial, they could have been fixed years ago and sitll today with a few simple moves. If you were really concerned about them being a size of our government spending you would start advocating for a single payer program, which would be a whole lot more efficient then what we have now. There's no reason why a risk pool of 300 million running at a 4 percent overhead couldn't be solvent for generations. If you were honest you would admit that the trillions Iraq is costing us is what would bring us towards bankruptcy if anything would.

    you have no coherent vision of public policy, you one post down will argue in favor of a tax loophole, then you'll three seconds later scaremonger about the deficit. Why would you be even interested in politics in the first place if you're whole world view revolves around the notion that the government shouldn't do anything for anyone except the people who control it.

    Let us not forget that in a democracy the government is supposed to serve the people. The people overwhelmingly want these social programs, even your fellow travelers in the tea movement. They want it for themselves. just not for "those people". The contempt for democracy you display is befuddling.


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