Thursday, May 31, 2012

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down in Pacific, Ending Historic Test Flight

Success all the way around. The future of space travel looks bright with the private sector at the helm.

"The world's first commercial space cargo ship dove through Earth's atmosphere and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean early Thursday (May 31), ending an historic test flight to the International Space Station.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule made a water landing off the coast of Baja California, Mexico at 11:42 a.m. EDT (1542 GMT). Recovery ships have spotted the capsule and are en route to collect the vehicle to tow to Los Angeles.

Mission Control in Houston informed the space station crew that the capsule's red-and-white striped parachutes were visible.

"That's good news," NASA astronaut Don Pettit radioed back."

Good news indeed.

Mayor Bloomberg Plans to Ban Large Sugary

The government is not my parent, and they should stop pretending they are. This is ridiculous, and they have to know this is ridiculous. This is a beachhead attempt to try and get people used to the notion of the government controlling what you eat and your portion sizes.

Remember how 'crazy' conservatives were for fearing that ObamaCare might lead to a question about the government forcing you to buy broccoli and otherwise controlling what you eat, no so crazy and more is it...

Video embedded below.

Video embedded below.

"New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlined a plan Wednesday to ban the sale of sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, movie theaters, street carts and other venues."

IL Rep. Mike Bost (R) Is Furious Over Pension Reforms (Loses His Mind)

Videos embedded below.

"Incidentally, what caused it is the state’s pension crisis. Surprise:

GOP state Rep. Mike Bost flew into a rage after leaders of the Democrat-controlled General Assembly submitted an 11th-hour plan to overhaul the state’s pension fund that excludes Chicago residents from sharing in the financial burden…

The bill would instead shift the costs to suburban and down-state school districts, which could result in an increase of local property taxes in those more conservative regions.

The Democratic leaders and other supporters of the plan argue the proposed change is fair because the property taxes of Chicago residents pay the retirement fund for city public schools, and the state pays part of the fund for down-state teachers, according to the Herald & Review newspaper.

Sex Selective Abortions at Plan Parenthood (Part 2). Gendercide in America: Undercover in NYC

Based on the map at the beginning of the clip, this may be second of six.

Video embedded below.

If you think the footage is edited unfairly, feel free to watch the complete unedited clip.

Video embedded below.

Past related post:
Berman Post: Sex Selective Abortions at Plan Parenthood. The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 - Undercover in Texas

"Hope and Change"...Still? Looking Back at 4 Years of "Change" -- Fox and Friends

It is a great attack ad, if a bit long, but it crossed a line being produced by Fox News. The senior produces seem to acknowledge as much saying that it was not authorized and it has been 'addressed' with the producer who created it.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama ... Stressed He Probably Knows About Judaism More than Any Other President

Smartest man in the room no matter what the topic is. Also the most humble...

"In the meeting, Obama reportedly boasted about his knowledge of Judaism, telling the leaders that he thinks he knows more "about Judaism" than all past presidents. He said he gained this knowledge of Judaism from reading.

"Obama ... stressed he probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it," Haaretz reports. "[He] wondered how come no one asks Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner or Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel [sic] about their support to Israel."

Similarly, he said to the group, "I [am] not going to tell you again how I even feel about Israel, but why [are] we still talking about it?"

He then suggested that he should not be questioned about his commitment to the Jewish state because "all his friends in Chicago were Jewish - and at the beginning of his political career he was accused of being a puppet of the Israel lobby," Haaretz reports.

No one is buying what Obama is selling on Israel.

Obama Alienates Poland by Referring to "Polish Death Camps"

This is not just "Smart Power", this is "Super-Duper Smart Power".

Video embedded below.

"The bad news? This isn’t the only dumb, offensive thing that a prominent Democrat has said about Poland this week. The worse news? When I say he’s alienated Poland, I don’t mean he’s alienated a few bloggers in Warsaw or the editorial page of some partisan newspaper. The outrage goes to the very top:

“The White House will apologize for this outrageous error,” Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski tweeted. Sikorski said that Polish Prime Minister Donald “Tusk will make a statement in the morning. It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”…

“A Polish death camp” — Sikorski also tonight tweeted a link to an Economist story noting that “few things annoy Poles more than being blamed for the crimes committed by the Nazi occupiers of their homeland. For many years, Polish media, diplomats and politicians have tried to persuade outsiders to stop using the phrase ‘Polish death camps’ as a shorthand description of Auschwitz and other exemplars of Nazi brutality and mass murder. Unfortunately this seems to have escaped BaracK Obama’s staff seem not to have noticed this.”…

Alex Storozynski, the President of the Kosciuszko Foundation, lauded the president earlier in the day for recognizing Karski, but now says “Karski would have cringed if he heard this….So far, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and others have changed their stylebooks to ban the use of this phrase. Now, the Obama White House must do the same. President Obama’s remarks are already being called ‘scandalous’ by media outlets in Poland. Obama was seen reading this phrase off a teleprompter. The President must acknowledge his mistake and apologize for it. He must do it for Karski and the other Poles that risked their lives trying to stop the Holocaust.”

BuzzFeed has a round-up of Polish Twitter reaction, and it ain’t pretty.

Video embedded below.

Businessman Faces Backlash After Appearing on Obama's Enemies List

Video embedded below.

Entrepreneurs in Space: SpaceX Proves that Space Belongs to the Private Sector

Video embedded below.

Archbishop of Washington Talks Notre Dame Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate With Chris Wallace (Fox News)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Romney Clinches GOP Nomination

It has not been in doubt for quite some time, but it is now official.

"Thanks to Texas, Mitt Romney can finally drop the word “presumptive” from his title.

More than five years after launching his first campaign for the presidency, the former Massachusetts governor on Tuesday night clinched the Republican nomination by winning the largely uncontested Texas primary, the Associated Press projected.

The achievement completes what for Romney has been an arduous process of winning over skeptical conservatives and projecting himself as the party’s most competitive choice for taking on President Obama in the fall.

The former Massachusetts governor surpassed the 1,144-threshold to become the nominee by winning at least 88 delegates in Texas, according to the Associated Press tally. The victory is a formality, as most of his Republican opponents had long since peeled away from the race – and then gradually crossed over to endorse Romney.

Sex Selective Abortions at Plan Parenthood. The War on Baby Girls: Part 1 - Undercover in Texas

You know what 'part 1', it means they have got a bunch of these.

Video embedded below. (via)

If you think the footage is edited unfairly, feel free to watch the complete unedited clip.

Video embedded below.

They'll Call This Video Racist

Video embedded below.

Chicagoland Shakedown: Why It's Impossible to Run A Business Without Breaking the Law

Video embedded below.

MSNBC's Act of Cowardice: Host Won't Call Troops "Heroes" on Memorial Day Weekend

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Out there are evil men. Men, who if given the opportunity, would do you and I harm. The only thing standing between us and them are brave soldiers manning the wall. Today is the day we honor the ultimate sacrifice some of our soldiers have had to make to ensure we choose our leader and can voice our opinion's without needing to look over our shoulder.

Thank you.

Brian Doherty Discusses 'Ron Paul's Revolution'

Video embedded below.

"Flame" (Cyber Weapon) Found in Iran

A cyber weapon that has been operating for at least five years!?! This marks at least the third known cyber attack against Iran, but may have been the first used (it was discovered after the other two, but likely deployed before them). If there were cyber weapons deployed at at least five years ago, it is a pretty safe bet that the three discovered would not qualify as even the tip of the iceberg in terms of the virus out there right now.

"Security experts have discovered a highly sophisticated computer virus in Iran and other Middle East countries that they believe was deployed at least five years ago to engage in state-sponsored cyber espionage.

Evidence suggest that the virus, dubbed Flame, may have been built on behalf of the same nation or nations that commissioned the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran's nuclear program in 2010, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Russian cyber security software maker that claimed responsibility for discovering the virus.

Kaspersky researchers said on Monday they have yet to determine whether Flame had a specific mission like Stuxnet, and declined to say who they think built it.
Flame appears poised to go down in history as the third major cyber weapon uncovered after Stuxnet and its data-stealing cousin Duqu, named after the Star Wars villain."

Obama is the Worst Spender Ever! And Rex Nutting is Absurd

Video embedded below.

JP Morgan Trading Loss Aftermath: Is It Really Time to Bring Back New Deal Era Bank Regulations?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dragon Capsule Docks With International Space Station

This marks the first time a private company has launched a craft to the ISS. It is an historic first that is the start of the next chapter of space flight and exploration, one dominated by the private sector.

"The privately bankrolled Dragon capsule made a historic arrival at the International Space Station on Friday, triumphantly captured by astronauts wielding a giant robot arm.

SpaceX is the first private company to accomplish such a feat: a commercial cargo delivery into the cosmos.

"There's so much that could have gone wrong and it went right," said an elated Elon Musk, the billionaire maestro of SpaceX.

"This really is, I think, going to be recognized as a significantly historical step forward in space travel — and hopefully the first of many to come."

NASA astronaut Donald Pettit used the space station's 58-foot robot arm to snare the gleaming white Dragon after a few hours of extra checks and maneuvers. The two vessels came together while sailing above Australia.

"Looks like we've got us a dragon by the tail," Pettit announced from 250 miles up once he locked onto Dragon's docking mechanism.

NASA controllers applauded as their counterparts at SpaceX's control center in Hawthorne, Calif. — including Musk — lifted their arms in triumph and jumped out of their seats to exchange high fives. The two control rooms worked together, as equal partners, to pull off the feat.

James Bacchus Discusses Free Trade

Video embedded below.

Drachmaggedon! Will Greece Drop the Euro?

Video embedded below.

Senator Tom Coburn (R) on the "Debt Bomb"

Video embedded below.

Saving Facebook: Who Is to Blame for the Facebook IPO Disaster?

Video embedded below.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Werner Herzog Reads Where's Waldo

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doctor who helped CIA catch Bin Laden convicted in Pakistan of Treason

Less you be confused, convicted of treason BECAUSE he helped us end Bin Laden. Real 'Smart Power' here...

"Thirty-three years in prison. He could have gotten death if he’d been tried under Pakistan’s penal code, but he was tried in a tribal court that follows a British-era colonial law so he got off “easy” with just a few decades behind bars. For helping catch the leader of Al Qaeda, who greenlit 9/11.

The only way the treason charge makes sense conceptually is if you treat spying on Osama Bin Laden as a betrayal of Pakistan’s national interests, the endless blather from Islamabad about “standing with the U.S.” against AQ notwithstanding. Consider that the silver lining in this otherwise very dark cloud: The regime is being honest, for once, about who and what they really are.

In Washington, Obama administration officials expressed anger and frustration at the tribal court’s decision, but indicated that American officials were working quietly behind the scenes to shorten the sentence or have it dismissed.

“The doctor was never asked to spy on Pakistan,” said a senior American official with knowledge of counterterrorism operations against Al Qaeda in Pakistan, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to talk candidly about the sentencing. “He was asked only to help locate Al Qaeda terrorists, who threaten Pakistan and the U.S. He helped save Pakistani and American lives.”

On Capitol Hill, two of the Senate’s leading voices on national security, Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, who is the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and John McCain of Arizona, the panel’s ranking Republican, angrily denounced the court’s sentence. “What Dr. Afridi did is the furthest thing from treason,” the senators said in a statement. “It was a courageous, heroic and patriotic act, which helped to locate the most wanted terrorist in the world — a mass murderer who had the blood of many innocent Pakistanis on his hands.”

It’s charming that McCain and Levin think the jihadi sympathizers and anti-India fanatics in Pakistan’s military/intel leadership give a squirt about innocent Pakistanis vis-a-vis protecting their strategic interests.

Rewriting Presidential History: Obama Changes Course of History By Simply Rewriting It

Video embedded below.

Kentucky Primary Shocker: "Uncommitted" Beats Obama in Over Half of Kentucky Counties

Video embedded below.

Total BS? Naomi Schaefer Riley on the College Education Scam

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Man Catches Back-to-Back Home Runs

Video embedded below.

"There's no doubt about it: Caleb Lloyd is the man.

The 20-year-old Cincinnati Reds fan made hundreds of headlines on Monday night after catching home run balls from pitcher Mike Leake and shortstop Zack Cozart. Lloyd's dueling grabs occurred not only in the same game, but in consecutive at-bats during the Reds' 4-1 win over Atlanta Braves at Great American Ballpark. Not bad for someone who had just planned on playing the MLB 2K12 video game all night before his friend called him up with a last-minute offer of tickets in the left-field bleachers.

Joel Stein on His "Stupid Quest for Masculinity"

Video embedded below.

Is President Obama Holding Cory Booker (D) Hostage?

Video embedded below.

Excessive Criminal Laws Trap Honest American Businessman

Video embedded below.

Ed Klein on 'The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House'

Video embedded below.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

NC Teacher Screams at a Student And Says it is Criminal to Criticize Obama

Video embedded below.

"The video shows a classroom discussion about the Washington Post hit piece about Mitt Romney bullying a kid some five decades ago. One student says, “Didn’t Obama bully someone though?” The teacher says: “Not to my knowledge.” The student then cites the fact that Obama, in Dreams from My Father, admits to shoving a little girl. “Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” screams the teacher. Romney is “running for president. Obama is the president.”

The student responds that both are “just men.”

The teacher yells -- literally yells -- that Obama is “due the respect that every other president is due … Listen,” she continues, “let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom.” She yells over the student repeatedly, and yells at him that it's disrespect for him to even debate about Romney and Obama.

The student says that he can say what he wants.

“Not about him, you won’t,” says the teacher.

The teacher then tells the student – wrongly – that it is a criminal offense to say bad things about a president. “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush? Do you realize you are not supposed to slander the president?”

Did White House Spin Tip a Covert op?

Seems that the answer is a resounding yes, and our allies are non-to happy about it.

"White House efforts to soft-pedal the danger from a new "underwear bomb" plot emanating from Yemen may have inadvertently broken the news they needed most to contain.

At about 5:45 p.m. EDT on Monday, May 7, just before the evening newscasts, John Brennan, President Barack Obama's top White House adviser on counter-terrorism, held a small, private teleconference to brief former counter-terrorism advisers who have become frequent commentators on TV news shows.

According to five people familiar with the call, Brennan stressed that the plot was never a threat to the U.S. public or air safety because Washington had "inside control" over it.

Brennan's comment appears unintentionally to have helped lead to disclosure of the secret at the heart of a joint U.S.-British-Saudi undercover counter-terrorism operation.

A few minutes after Brennan's teleconference, on ABC's World News Tonight, Richard Clarke, former chief of counter-terrorism in the Clinton White House and a participant on the Brennan call, said the underwear bomb plot "never came close because they had insider information, insider control."

A few hours later, Clarke, who is a regular consultant to the network, concluded on ABC's Nightline that there was a Western spy or double-agent in on the plot: "The U.S. government is saying it never came close because they had insider information, insider control, which implies that they had somebody on the inside who wasn't going to let it happen."

53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida

Now a dead voter still on the rolls does not be itself necessarily mean there will be voter fraud, but it does make it a whole heck of a lot easier, and it does happen. Electoral integrity should be a slam dunk by partisan issue.

"I have learned that Florida election officials are set to announce that the secretary of state has discovered and purged up to 53,000 dead voters from the voter rolls in Florida.

How could 53,000 dead voters have sat on the polls for so long? Simple. Because Florida hadn’t been using the best available data revealing which voters have died. Florida is now using the nationwide Social Security Death Index for determining which voters should be purged because they have died.

Here is the bad news. Most states aren’t using the same database that Florida is. In fact, I have heard reports that some election officials won’t even remove voters even when they are presented with a death certificate. That means that voter rolls across the nation still are filled with dead voters, even if Florida is leading the way in detecting and removing them.

But surely people aren’t voting in the names of dead voters, the voter fraud deniers argue. Wrong.

Romney Honors Cuban Democracy Activists on Cuban Independence Day

Video embedded below.

"Sometimes a candidate can plan on certain calendar events to help them make their case, but often fortune and their opponents can lend a hand as well. That’s the case today, which happens to be Cuban Independence Day, which gives politicians at all levels a chance to connect to the Cuban-American community, especially in Florida. But when one of the two candidates in a race just gave a visa to a member of the Castro family to allow her to conduct activist politics in the US, well, that’s an opportunity a candidate simply can’t pass up. Mitt Romney released a video today celebrating Cuban democracy activists and scolding American politicians who act to undermine them"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lovitz - 'People are calling me a Nazi for thinking I already pay my fair share of taxes'

Video embedded below.

The Swing Vote: Why Independents Will Decide the 2012 Election

Video embedded below.

Biden - 'It is Bush's Fault People Voted For The Inmate in West Virginia'

It is ridiculous, but there is not much else he could really say.

Video embedded below.

"Via the Examiner, this is actually a fairly deft, politic response to a realllly bad outcome. He can’t say “voters are stupid” or, as his party believes, “voters are racist,” so instead he absolves them and lays the whole thing implicitly on — who else? — George W. Bush. But since no one takes Biden seriously, it transforms instantly into a late-afternoon giggle about the VP kinda sorta admitting they deserve to lose to a felon. Can’t wait for that Arkansas primary."

Guess What The Government Paid for Internet Routers

My guess would be to much, but this is just ridiculous.

Video embedded below.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ad - "Day One"

A solid ad, but one that almost begs for a parody counter attack; one that without to much difficulty could be better.

Video embedded below.

'The Avengers' -- Has Hollywood Rediscovered Patriotism?

Video embedded below.

What is an Astronaut's Life Worth?

Video embedded below.

Facebook IPO: Facebook Co-Founder 'Escapes' U.S. Taxes

Video embedded below.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

SBA List's "Womanhood" Ad - Welcome to the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

Video embedded below.

Obama - "When Your Name is Barack Obama it Always Tight; Barack Hussein Obama"

Do we really have to hear this again? We would have been racist if we did not elect Obama the first time. We will be racist if we do not elect Obama for a second term. If Obama wins they will be telling us we would be racists if we do not change the rules to let Obama run for a third term. Enough already...

Video embedded below.

Literary Bio Claims Obama Born in Kenya

This is not evidence that Obama was not born in Hawaii (which he was). It does however raise a few interesting questions.

How was this not picked up by the media in the 2008 election? Potentially worse, may it have been and then been buried?

How/why did this error end up in the pamphlet and was not corrected for as long as it was? Did Obama see this and decide to keep it when it while it was potentially beneficial, or if not how could he have not seen it?

This could open up an interesting can of worms.

Video embedded below.

The Road to Freedom: The Moral Case for Free Enterprise

Video embedded below.

America Sells: 'The Avengers' Delivers a Long Awaited Pro-American Message

Video embedded below.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Senate Unanimously Votes Down Obama’s Budget (99-0)

Not one vote in either the House or the Senate for Obama's budget, not even a sympathy 'our party leader should not be unanimously rejected by the legislative branch' vote.

"Another day, another congressional shutout of O’s latest unserious gimmick. That makes three in the past year. The Senate torpedoed his last budget 97-0 in May 2011, then the House dropped a goose egg on him in March with a robust 414-0 tally. Now this.


Republicans forced the vote by offering the president’s plan on the Senate floor.

Democrats disputed that it was actually the president’s plan, arguing that the slim amendment didn’t actually match Mr. Obama’s budget document, which ran thousands of pages. But Republicans said they used all of the president’s numbers in the proposal, so it faithfully represented his plan.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, even challenged Democrats to point out any errors in the numbers and he would correct them — a challenge no Democrats took up…

The White House has held its proposal out as a “balanced approach” to beginning to rein in deficits. It calls for tax increases to begin to offset higher spending, and would begin to level off debt as a percentage of the economy by 2022. It would produce $6.4 trillion in new deficits over that time.

There’s no better testament to how politically toxic that $6.4 trillion figure is than the fact that Senate Democrats would rather hand the GOP yet another day of “Obama shutout!” headlines than sign on to this travesty out of party loyalty. Said Mitch McConnell of Reid’s refusal to offer his own budget, “They’re so unserious they won’t even vote for a budget that was written by a president of their own party

Story of Send on Google Green

Video embedded below.

America at Risk: Dave Deptula on the Military's Aging Aviation Force

Video embedded below.

Obama Denies Truth on Oil and Gas

Video embedded below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Matthews (MSNBC) Bombs on 'Jeopardy!'

Video embedded below.

"On at least four occasions, MSNBC's Chris Matthews mocked Sarah Palin for how he felt she'd do if she were ever on the hit television game show Jeopardy!.

In a delicious example of instant karma, the self-proclaimed brainiac got his chance to show America how smart he was in a special "Power Players" version of the show Monday, but came up quite short finishing dead last with the paltry sum of only $2,300

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Video embedded below.

In-Depth Interview with Dennis Prager: What Are American Values?

Video embedded below.

Obama Puts Capitalism on Trial

Video embedded below.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Federal Judge Strikes Down NLRB’s Rule Approving Ambush Union Elections

"Big win, but it’ll probably take electing President Romney to make sure they don’t make it stick on the second try.

“According to Woody Allen, eighty percent of life is just showing up,” Boasberg wrote in an opinion issued today. “When it comes to satisfying a quorum requirement, though, showing up is even more important than that.”

The rule change, challenged in court by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, simplified and shortened balloting at a time when the unionized share of the workforce is falling, according to labor relations consultant Phillip Wilson. The compressed schedule could have cut the time permitted for voting in half to as few as 15 days, Wilson said.

Unions win 87 percent of elections held 15 days or less after a request, a rate that falls to 58 percent when the vote takes place after 36 to 40 days, according to a February report by Bloomberg Government.

O’s two Democratic appointees wanted to give unions a shot at quietly gathering the necessary signatures for an election and then dumping the petition on management before the company had a chance to make its case to the employees against unionization. The third member of the NLRB, Republican Brian Hayes, opposed the plan. No problem, though — Dems win 2-1, right? Nope. Not if Hayes doesn’t vote:

Head to the source for the rest of the story.

Latest Terrorist Threat is Henry Kissinger?!?

Kissinger may have won a Nobel Prize, and be one of the most famous diplomats still drawing breath, but he still may have been planing to take down or hijack the plane?

People should be the focus, not objects.

"Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got searched by a Transportation Security Administration employee while going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York Friday, The Washington Post reports.

Kissinger, who was in a wheelchair, was told by a TSA agent that he needed to be searched.

“He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders,” freelance reporter Matthew Cole told the Post. “They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was.” Cole added that Kissinger was given “the full Monty” search.

Kissinger negotiated the Paris Peace Accords which helped bring an end to the Vietnam War.

Spring Fever: Andrew McCarthy on the Arab Spring and the Illusion of Islamic Democracy

Video embedded below.

Beta Nation

Video embedded below.

Vive Le Socialisme! Anti-Austerity Movement Spreads in Europe

Hopefully the not-so-slow-motion implosion in Europe will serve as a wake up call here in America before it is to late.

Video embedded below.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

'Devil's Breath' (Scopolamine)

Seriously creepy stuff...

Video embedded below.

"A hazardous drug that eliminates free will and can wipe the memory of its victims is currently being dealt on the streets of Colombia.

The drug is called scopolamine, but is colloquially known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,' and is derived from a particular type of tree common to South America.

Stories surrounding the drug are the stuff of urban legends, with some telling horror stories of how people were raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and even coerced into giving up an organ.

Husband And Wife Running Against Each Other For a State Assembly Seat

That is going to make for some interesting family dinners, if they have family dinners.

"The War of the Roses is erupting on Long Island, where a Nassau County man is set to challenge his estranged wife for state Assembly.

Mark Schimel has been given the Nassau County GOP nomination to seek the Great Neck seat that currently belongs to his estranged wife — Democrat Michelle Schimel.

It’s a move that shocked even his own mother.

“You’re joking,” Irma Schimel said when she learned of her son’s plans by the Daily News.
The couple separated about a year ago after 32 years of marriage and two kids — but are not legally divorced.

Irma Schimel said she still considers Michelle her daughter-in-law and even received a Mother’s Day card from her this year.

“I love her very much,” Irma Schimel said. “I can’t believe he’d do a thing like this. I’m going to talk to him.”

Michelle Schimel, 54, is in her third term, having first been elected in 2007 to replace Thomas DiNapoli, who resigned to become state controller.

The Vampire Economist and the Moral Molecule

Video embedded below.

Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) on Defending Defense

Video embedded below.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama - 'When I Think About Those Soldiers ... Who Are Out There Fighting on my Behalf'

Video embedded below.

US Successfully Tests New Missile Interceptor

Video embedded below.

"U.S. forces said they had destroyed a target in the first successful test of the Navy's newest anti-missile interceptor, designed to protect allies from attacks by countries like North Korea and Iran.

A target ballistic missile was downed near Hawaii late on Wednesday by the latest Raytheon Co-built Standard Missile-3 interceptor, the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said.

The advanced interceptor is key to the next phase of an anti-missile shield being built by the United States in and around Europe.

The United States plans to deploy increasingly capable SM-3 versions up to around 2020 to boost defences against missiles that could be fired by Iran and North Korea.


Video embedded below.

Ronulan RNC Invasion: Will Ron Paul Supporters Invade The GOP Convention?

Video embedded below.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jehmu Greene Calls Tucker Carlson a "Bow-Tying White Boy"

Video embedded below.

The Real Breaking Bad: How the Drug War Creates Collateral Damage

Video embedded below.

Hannity battles with Occupy Wall Street organizer

Video embedded below.

Julia and Commie Cheerleaders!!

Obama's vision for America, cradle to grave government support and control. Why does Obama think woman are incapable of succeeding without a government handout? I think this ad is a major mistake from a campaign that should (and usually does) know better.

Video embedded below.

A Herman Cain Presidential Nomination Would Expose Liberal Bias and Racism

Video embedded below.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.1%

While the unemployment number dropped, the job numbers tell a different story. The opposite story...

"The April jobs report fell short of analysts expectations, as only 115,000 jobs were added. Consensus expectations had been in the 165K-170K range
So how did the jobless rate drop? The same way it’s been dropping all along — people exiting the workforce:

The civilian labor force participation rate declined in April to 63.6 percent, while the employment-population ratio, at 58.4 percent, changed little.

That’s a new 30-year low in the participation rate. Here’s the chart from the BLS for the last 30 years:
CNBC notes that the actual employment level in the US fell by 169,000:

April’s job report lived up to muted expectations, with the economy creating a meager 115,000 jobs during the month as the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent. …

Though the headline number indicated job creation, the total employment level for the month actually fell 169,000.

“This remains a weak economy, and the job counts in March and April — which have come in at considerably below 200,000 per month — may perhaps continue right through the summer,” said Kathy Bostjancic, director of macroeconomic analysis at The Conference Board.

Wall Street economists had been expecting the Bureau of Labor Statistics report to show 170,000 new jobs created and the unemployment rate holding steady at 8.2 percent.

That weakness will keep jobs and the economy at the top of the list for voter concerns, and keep Obama and his campaign on their mission to talk about any other distraction they can find from it.

Update II: Zero Hedge notes that 522,000 people left the workforce in April, or more than four times the number of net jobs gained in the BLS report.

Sex and the Supreme Court: The True Story of Lawrence v. Texas

Video embedded below.

President Falstaff? Is Obama a Shakespearean Character? Plus, The Obama Eat Dog World of MSNBC

Video embedded below.

The Dark Knight Rises ... Against Occupiers?!

Video embedded below.

From Bad to Worse? Job & Housing Numbers Dog Obama

Video embedded below.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Five Suspects in Bridge Bombing Attempt Are Members of Occupy Wall Street

Just like the Tea Party ... or not. Remember though, Tea Party people are all terrorists and these Occupy Wall Street people are are the peaceful.

"The Feds knew just where to look, according to The Smoking Gun:

The federal probe that resulted last night in the arrest of five purported anarchists for allegedly plotting to bomb an Ohio bridge began last year at an Occupy Wall Street rally in Cleveland that was infiltrated by an informant who was directed to attend the event by his FBI handlers.

It was at the October 21 OWS event that the informant first met Douglas ["Cyco"] Wright, 26, who reportedly confided details of his group’s planned attacks “against corporate America and the financial system,” according to court filings…

Wright eventually served as the informant’s bridge to the four other men busted in the bombing plot–despite the fact that the quartet was “unsure” about the snitch for whom Wright vouched. Of the five men arrested, four were involved in the Occupy Cleveland movement, according to their Facebook profiles, a news story, and a federal criminal complaint.

The fifth one is too. They’re all Occupiers. There is no escaping that fact.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Obama lifts freeze on $192 million aid package to Palestinian Authority

Friend of Israel...? Not to mention more of that unilateral action the Liberals/Democrats used to hate.

"President Barack Obama has lifted a ban on financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Obama stated that the aid was “important to the security interests of the United States.”

The US Congress froze a $192 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority after its president, Mahmoud Abbas, defied US pressure and sought to attain UN endorsement of Palestinian statehood last September. The presidential waiver means that aid can now be delivered.

The unilateral statehood gambit was strongly opposed by Israel, which said Abbas was seeking to avoid negotiating the necessary compromises and modalities of statehood with Israel. The US indicated it would veto a resolution in the Security Council seeking unilateral recognition of “Palestine,” but the issue has not come to a vote, because the Palestinians were unable to obtain sufficient support in the Security Council. They may yet seek a non-binding endorsement of statehood in the UN General Assembly.

Section 3 of Congress’s Palestinian Accountability Act, which applies to 2012, stipulates that “no funds available to any United States Government department or agency … may be obligated or expended with respect to providing funds to the Palestinian Authority.” Obama has now signed a waiver, however, the White House said Friday, and asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to inform Congress accordingly.

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