Monday, October 23, 2006

Where did all the Parking go?

Whether or not you have a car on campus, it is likely you have noticed our precarious parking situation. The construction is largely to blame for this. Student Government has worked tirelessly to find a solution to this problem.

As a result of the construction, parts of the campus had to be torn up, such as the area outside of the Pub and much of the Benziger parking lot. To compensate for the lost parking, the administration added more parking around campus, most notably by building the new lot. The administration thought that any parking problems caused by the construction would be prevented with this new parking.

Still, it seemed there was a problem. We received many complaints both from students and faculty. The numbers on paper and the number of available spaces didn’t seem to match up.

We then discovered the reason. It was that the number of spots the administration thought we lost from the construction was substantially lower then the number we actually lost. Instead of a net gain, in reality there was a net loss.

The administration countered that they had never seen some of the lots completely full. They postulated that if some of the lots never filled up then there must not be a parking problem.

The complaints poured in steadily for weeks. We decided to figure out once and for all if there was a parking problem. To prove this, we picked a day and counted every legal spot on campus. With that number in the back of our minds, we picked another day and counted all of the cars parked within that same area multiple times during the same day. Despite having some open spots, the number of illegally parked cars was greater than the number of available spots during one of our counts. During many of the other counts, the amount of spots narrowly outnumbered the number of cars on campus.

Even if you ignore the count that found more cars on campus than legal spots, the narrow margin can not be ignored. Our main fear is what happens in the winter. There is not enough spare parking capacity to clear the lots to allow for plowing. The margin is so tight, that even losing a few spots could spell disaster.

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Monday, October 2, 2006

Letter From the Editor (Right World View Vol. I, No. 2)

For the last time, I am NOT a Republican. I am a Conservative, but that does not make me Republican. If you’re curious I am an Independent, as to not be tied to one party or the other.

This is primarily a Conservative publication, read Conservative not Republican. While it is true that Conservative and Republican views do overlap, Republican ideals and platforms are not by default Conservative. By the same token, Conservative ideals do not always transfer over to the Republican platform.

In general Conservatives tend to like the current Republican stance on defense. While not all agree on the way in which this administration is handling the War on Terror, most are happy they are at least doing something. To long had we sat by burying our collective heads in the sand hoping that what we can't see can't hurt us. To long had we shown such aversion to sustaining even the lightest of casualties that led Bin Laden to think that if he just "bloodied our nose" we would withdraw with little more than a whimper. Now we have shown the world what we can do, and beyond that a willingness to do what we think is necessary.

Conservatives by enlarge hate the current administrations spending record. Spending as much as the current administration does, does not "smell" like fiscal responsibility. Keeping taxes low and keeping the government small are hallmarks of Conservative ideology. Spending exorbitant amounts of money does not help keep taxes low. Instead it forces us to go even further into debt or raise taxes, both bad options.

Let’s not get too bogged down in specifics right now, but the point must be conveyed. When someone tells you they are Conservative, don't assume they are Republican. They may indeed be both, but there are Republicans that are also Liberals. When someone tells you they are a Democrat, don't assume they are necessarily Liberal. The two are not synonymous. Some Conservatives are Democrats, and some Liberals are Republican. There are even some from both party that are neither ideology, and some from each ideology that are not in either party.

Now for a formatting note. You probably noticed that our Mission Statement has shrunk considerably. Don't take that to mean we don't believe what was printed in the last issue, we still do. We have decided that the full Mission Statement is to long to print in every issue, so the Abbreviated Version will replace it most of the time. We will still print the full Mission Statement in the first issue of each semester. It is also available by request at, and can be viewed at our website There you can also find PDF's of all our issues (past and present, because we are not ashamed of what we publish) as well as staff bios.



Andrew Berman

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Student Government Election

On Thursday September 21st, Student Government held its Fall election. The number of candidates who ran for office was pleasantly surprising. Eight people vying for the position of Freshman Class President, which is more than this reporter can remember ever running for a single position. Indeed, if memory serves, alone it is almost as many candidates as runs for all the positions in the last few elections.

That's the good news. The bad, or better described as sad, there were only about 365 ballets cast. In other words, only about 365 people bothered to vote. Now if you calculate that out of approximately 1700 students who could vote that is about 21% or slightly more than one out of five. Pitiful, no?

On a positive note, I believe this is an uptrend from the previous year. Regardless, your newly elected Student Government members are;

Freshman Class President - Amanda Minck

Vice President of Finances - Angel Ramirez

Finance Board Representative - Phillip Berg

Finance Board Representative - Frank Furbacher Jr.

Academic Representative - Gabriel Mejia

Commuter Representative - Valerie Lopez

Community Service Representative - Danielle Flynn

For contact information of the newly elected Student Government Representatives and a complete list of Student Government, see page 8.

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