Monday, October 2, 2006

Student Government Election

On Thursday September 21st, Student Government held its Fall election. The number of candidates who ran for office was pleasantly surprising. Eight people vying for the position of Freshman Class President, which is more than this reporter can remember ever running for a single position. Indeed, if memory serves, alone it is almost as many candidates as runs for all the positions in the last few elections.

That's the good news. The bad, or better described as sad, there were only about 365 ballets cast. In other words, only about 365 people bothered to vote. Now if you calculate that out of approximately 1700 students who could vote that is about 21% or slightly more than one out of five. Pitiful, no?

On a positive note, I believe this is an uptrend from the previous year. Regardless, your newly elected Student Government members are;

Freshman Class President - Amanda Minck

Vice President of Finances - Angel Ramirez

Finance Board Representative - Phillip Berg

Finance Board Representative - Frank Furbacher Jr.

Academic Representative - Gabriel Mejia

Commuter Representative - Valerie Lopez

Community Service Representative - Danielle Flynn

For contact information of the newly elected Student Government Representatives and a complete list of Student Government, see page 8.

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