Monday, May 14, 2012

Latest Terrorist Threat is Henry Kissinger?!?

Kissinger may have won a Nobel Prize, and be one of the most famous diplomats still drawing breath, but he still may have been planing to take down or hijack the plane?

People should be the focus, not objects.

"Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got searched by a Transportation Security Administration employee while going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York Friday, The Washington Post reports.

Kissinger, who was in a wheelchair, was told by a TSA agent that he needed to be searched.

“He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders,” freelance reporter Matthew Cole told the Post. “They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was.” Cole added that Kissinger was given “the full Monty” search.

Kissinger negotiated the Paris Peace Accords which helped bring an end to the Vietnam War.

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