Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Fall Out From Garofalo's Comments The Tea Party Protesters

There has been more fall out from Garofalo's comments on Olbermann first posted at Berman Post: Tax Day Tea Party Media Coverage.

Dobbs was the first to comment (Berman Post: Lou Dobbs Strikes Back at Olbermann And Garofalo).

Fox and Friends had some things to say about it.

Video embedded below. (from

As did Mark Levin.

Video embedded below. (from

Red Eye had some comments as well.

Video embedded below. (from

In an unrelated matter except that it involves Garofalo, Rush is saying that she lied about a comment she made about him. Garofalo said that she refused to take a picture with Rush when he visited the set of 24. Slight problem, Rush says he has not visited the set since she started working there. More at

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