Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Now Supports The Colombia Free Trade Agreement

It appears that Obama has reversed his position on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement and is now in favor of it. I never really understood why the Democrats did not support this in the first place. Free trade agreements in general are a good idea, but this one in particular was a no brainer. As the article nicely points out, we already had a one way free trade agreement. All this agreement does is further open their markets to our exports. Our markets were already open to their exports. Obama may still face some difficulty getting this passed over the opposition of his party.

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Let me take this post to also comment on how Obama dealt with some of the anti American leaders and diatribes. Going to a summit like that, you really can not help shaking the hands of some people you would rather not. That said, the huge smile or other more personal gestures are not required and were probobly inappropriate. Receiving the book was also unavoidable. When someone hands you a book, you really have no way of knowing what is in it. After understanding what the book was all about, I think Obama should reciprocate in kind; as in send a book to Chavez. You also do not need to sit through a 50 minute anti American diatribe. I have not had a chance to read the transcript of what exactly was said, but if it is inline with some of the commentary I have seen, Obama could have walked out. In brief summation, not everything that happened can or should be blamed on Obama, but he should have handled some things differently.

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