Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Turn Out

I asked if the Tax Day Tea Parties would crack the Million mark (Berman Post: One Million Strong?). The current available counts say no, but with an asterisk. The asterisk is that I do not believe any of the sites have compiled all of the tea parties. Saying that they counted all of the major ones may not be accurate either because they have some listed with low turnouts. The other potential caveat is that conservative protest turn outs seem to be under counted. So the answer to my question is still a maybe.

Without further adieu, the current counts are as follows: - 309,985 People / 156 Parties
( - 311,460 People / 346 cities
( - 337,682 people / No mention of event count
( - 501678 people / 857 events

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