Monday, February 23, 2009

Rick Santelli Catch up

In a week Rick Santelli has shot to major prominence from his message of responsibility striking a nerve in what is being referred to as the tax payer rebellion or the American Tea Party. In case you missed anything, let this post catch you up. It will do that by embedding or linking to his important videos in chronological order starting with his first and ending with the last.

The video that started it all; his rant an outrage that people were going to be forced to pay for their neighbor's mortgage after they bought houses they could not afford can be found at

After that he went on the Today Show.
Video embedded below.

Lets not forget about this one.
Video embedded below.

Then Gibbs (White House Spokesman) went after him.
Video embedded below.

Santelli responded to Gibbs on Hardball.
Video embedded below.

He responded again and ripped up the bill.
Video embedded below.

You should watch them all if you have not seen them yet.

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