Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chris Matthews Whispers "Oh God" as Jindal Emerged to Give The Republican Response to Obama's SOTU

Chris Matthews whispered "Oh God" as Jindal emerged to give the Republican response (Berman Post: The Republican (Jindal's) Rebuttal) to Obama's State of the Union speech (Berman Post: Obama's First State of the Union Speech) apparently not realizing that his mic was hot (on) and live.

Most took it as a shot from a person and a network (MSNBC) that is seen as heavily bias toward Obama and the Democrats. Mathews says he was referring to the decor in the background; sure he was. Jindal was invited onto Mathews' Hardball tonight but declined.

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Forgot to mention Matthews "Outsourcing" crack referring to Jindal. "Outsourcing", Jindal being of Indian decent, some took the crack as an insult or worse.

Video embedded below.

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