Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama to Overturn 'Conscience' Rule

Obama to is going to overturn the 'Conscience' rule. It is under the guise of "clarification" but anyone looking at the issue can see it goes way beyond that. Clarifying is making something more clear, not changing the meaning. While Obama has not officially done anything he is expected to reverse the rule.

The rule passed by G. W. Bush in his final few months in office allows health care workers to deny abortion counseling (or other family planning services) if it violates their moral beliefs.

It is not clear to me how you can force someone to do something which they believe will condemn their soul to eternal damnation. Lawsuits just seem to pale in comparison. The greater potential concern is religious hospitals and charities choosing to shut down instead of be forced to comply. Those that stay open will likely be forced to either comply and go against their religious beliefs or be sued and forced to shut down. I do not have any figures on hospital coverage and how it would change if all the religious based or back ones shut down. Something tells me it would leave a number of gaping holes in some areas.

One last thought; has anyone else noticed that Obama has dropped all his abortion related news on Fridays? Does he really think that he can sweep abortion issues under the rug just by timing the releases?

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