Friday, February 20, 2009

Gibson Smeared by Huffington Post Using a Doctored Video, Have Since Issued an Apology

The Huffington Post used a doctored video to smear John Gibson. Once the fact that the video was not real they issued an apology.

Apparently what happened was that posted the video of a Fox News clip because it contained references and mentions a monkey "with a bright blue scrotum". What they did not realize was at the video had been altered right at the end. The Huffington Post picked up the clip to highlight that last part not knowing it was not real. They essentially accused John Gibson of making a racist comment, saying that he was comparing the black Attorney General (Eric Holder) to a monkey.

Before calling someone a racist, remember to check your sources.

First the fake, doctored video. The fake part is right at the end.
Video embedded below. (From

Here is the original, unaltered video.
Video embedded below. (From

More at,,, and

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