Saturday, February 14, 2009

Financial Attack On 9-11-2008 Triggered The Economic Crisis!?!

On the anniversary of 9/11 there was an electronic run on the banks to the tune of $550 Billion dollars with in two hours before it was shut down. If it had not been stopped it could have rises to $5.5 Trillion by 2:00pm. The Treasury tried to stem the tide by pushing $150 Billion into the system, but they had to shut down the system to stop the drain. If it had succeeded the draw down on the money market system would have crashed our economy that day and the world within 24 hours after that. Unreal!

How is it that this is the first we are hearing about this? The video explains why what happened played out the way it did with the first bailout.

Who did this? When you pull hundreds of billions of dollars out of the money market system it is going to make noise, and clearly it did. Still, where did all that money go and who or what was behind it?

This can not be the end of the story. More when available.

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