Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Approves $410 Billion Spending Bill 245-178

The House approved the $410 Billion Spending Bill (Berman Post: $410 Billion Spending Bill Propose by House Democrats) today with a vote of 245-178. The vote was mostly along party lines with 16 Republications defecting and voting for it, and 20 Democrats defecting and voting against it. Four from each party did not vote. More at

This grows the federal budget 8.2% while at the same time the family budget grew only 1.3%. For anyone keeping track, this brings the total to just under $1.2 trillion of House approved spending in less then two weeks, not including the extra costs from interest. More at

Update (2/26/2009):
An earmark in this bill lists Obama as a supporter. This dates back from before he was elected President but still does not look good when a person who took a no earmark pledge is found to have an ear mark in a recent bill. They plan on editing Obama's name out; not getting rid of the earmark, removing his name from the list of supporters. More at

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