Friday, February 20, 2009

Bird Thought Extinct Seen, Photographed, Then...Eaten!?!

A quail thought to be extinct was found and photographed before being sold at market for food. Worcester buttonquai is native to the island of Luzo (Philippines).

This qualifies as bizarre. Evidence of the survival of the species comes in the form of a bird on its way to the dinner plate as food. Besides possibly killing the last of a species for a small bite, you would think that the person who caught it could have made more money selling it to some institution.

The type of bird is said to be cryptic and unobtrusive meaning it could survive else where. After all, it was thought to be extinct once and that was proven false. Other members of the species could be out there undetected by man, or undetected by anyone in the know enough to understand that their knowledge is worth reporting.

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