Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The "Tea Party Conspiracy" Debunked

Some liberals got it into their heads that the Tea Party Protest movement was a carefully orchestrated right wing conspiracy. This started when/because Playboy Magazine said that Rick Santelli's rant (Berman Post: Rick Santelli Catch up) was part of this right wing conspiracy to fight Obama and his socialist policies.

When it came to their attention that the story was totally false, they scrubbed the story from their website. How do they know it was untrue; I will let Glenn Reynolds explain that over at Of course the most obvious way to disprove it is that the groups say they are not affiliated with Santelli and the Tea Parties predate his no famous rant.

The problem remains however, because not everyone that ran with the 'vast right wing conspiracy' story will hear/read that it has been debunked, and you will undoubtedly have some that will but still believe they know "real truth" regarding the Tea Parties.

"Now, above I said "happily facts have won over Playboy forcing the mag to pull down the fallacious story" which is all well and good. But the problem is we now have hundreds perhaps thousands of left-wing DailyKosers and such all imagining they know the real story, the one that corresponds to the fake Playboy tale.

So, while the fake story has been scrubbed, the claim of conspiracy is still floating around like a noxious cloud befouling the air.

And, THAT, my friends, is how the left works. Scream the lie, whisper the retraction.

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  1. The complete fairy tale of the conspiracy that caused the Tea Party Movement is now available.


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