Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama Administration Considering Making Veterans Pay For Treatment of Service Related Injuries With Private Insurance

Eric Shinseki, Veterans Affairs Secretary, confirmed that the Obama administration is considering plan to make veterans pay for treatment of their service related injuries with private insurance. That is making wounded veterans pay for their battle field injuries through their own insurance. That would make for an interesting conversation; "Thank you Mr / Mrs soldier for putting you life on the line to defend American freedoms and interests. Sorry about your leg / arm / insert injury. No, we are not going to cover your medical expensive, you have private insurance; right?".

This is such a moronic idea I thought it was a really bad attempt at political satire. Thankfully, it seems to have almost no support from either side of the aisle. It should be noted that this is not even a proposal, just a consideration right now. That has not stopped groups from coming out forcefully against it. If you could not tell, count me in with those groups coming out strongly against this ridicules idea.

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