Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Former CNN Reporter O'Connor on Roesgen - 'She Crossed A Journalistic Line'

Former CNN reporter Eileen O'Connor commented on Susan Roesgen skewed Tax Day Tea Party interview (Berman Post: Follow up to CNN's Susan Roesgen Skewed Tax Day Tea Party Protest Interview). There is talk about how hiding her (Berman Post: Susan Roesgen 'Takes a Break') and trying to erase it (Berman Post: CNN Using Copyright to Erase Embarrassing Roesgen Tax Day Tea Party Clips) is the wrong way to handle this. O'Connor also takes a glancing shot at Rick Santelli for his famous rant (Berman Post: Rick Santelli Catch up) before taking it back provided he was/is a commentator instead of a reporter.

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