Monday, April 20, 2009

CNN Using Copyright to Erase Embarrassing Roesgen Tax Day Tea Party Clips

CNN's Susan Roesgen embarrassed herself and her network with her skewed Tax Day Tea Party Protest (Berman Post: Follow up to CNN's Susan Roesgen Skewed Tax Day Tea Party Protest Interview) which likely resulted in her "previously-planned vacation" (Berman Post: Susan Roesgen 'Takes a Break'). It appears now that CNN is going around using copyright claims to get YouTube to remove all videos of it. This includes videos that use a small part of it in order to comment or put longer clips into prospective.

According to, CNN is in the wrong here.

Founding Bloggers are considering a counter claim (

If they really believe copyright violations going on here, lets see them force Fox News to take down their video.

Video embedded below.

At the same time, some on the right are on a mission to keep reposting the videos and make a test case out of this (

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