Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Hosts a Seder at The White House

In an apparent first, Obama hosted a Seder at the White House last night. It is reportedly the first time a sitting President has attended a Seder in the White House. The Seder is the holiday dinner/ceremony eaten on the first two nights of passover. It remembers the Jewish exodus from Egypt.

It is traditional for Jews outside of Israel to proclaim at the end of the service, "Next year in Jerusalem". Last year Obama proclaimed, "Next year in the White House". Joke or not, Obama kept his word.

In other news Obama is a secret Jew. That is right, you heard it hear first, Obama is a Jew. Ok, not really. I figure it is about as likely as Obama being a secret Muslim. Just too be clear, I do not think Obama is a secret Muslim. Obama may not have chosen a church yet, but he is attending a church for Easter ( There is also the matter of his time in Reverend Wright's church, not to mention his numerous comments on the subject.

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