Monday, April 6, 2009

Bush Bowed To Saudi King Too?

In the last few days there has been some discussion regarding if Obama bowed to the Saudi King (Berman Post: Obama Bows to Saudi Arabian King? and Berman Post: More on Obama Bows to Saudi Arabian King). The answer appears to be that he did.

Some people have are calling for Obama's impeachment over this. That is just ridiculous. As if some sort of 'evidence' is needed to bolster the sane notion that Obama should not be impeached over this, a video is making the rounds which is said to show then President Bush bowing to the Saudi King. It looks to me that Bush is bending over so that the Saudi King is able to put some sort of medallion around his neck. That being the case, I would not consider it a bow. If it was, I would say that was wrong too. American presidents should not bow down to foreign leaders. Signs of mutual respect are ok, emphesis on the mutual. Signs of subservience are not.

Assuming Obama did bow to the Saudi King it was wrong, maybe even foolish, but an impeachable offense it was not.

Picture from (click to play video).

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