Saturday, April 4, 2009

More on Obama Bows to Saudi Arabian King

More on Obama apparently bowing to the Saudi King (Berman Post: Obama Bows to Saudi Arabian King?:).

Some have suggested that it was not actually a bow, hat Obama was picking something up off the floor at the exact same time he was shaking the Saudi Kings hand. The video seems to discredit that as Obama does not appear to be picking anything up nor does there appear to be anything in his hand when 'bow' was over. There is also the question about why Obama would be picking up garbage, if it was there, in the first place.

Video embedded below. (From

Some are also comparing the bow to the Saudi King with that to the Queen. It did not look to me like Obama bowed to the Queen. It looked like more of a head nod If it was, it would also be inappropriate. The President of the United States should not bow to any foreign leader.

Video embedded below. (From

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