Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sotomayor And Liberalism (She Said She Does Not Know What Liberalism is After Calling Herself One)

Sotomayor has said that "I don’t know what liberal means". She said it in context that she was being attacked by a Republicans because they believed her to be a liberal and wanted to block her in the steps that would eventually lead up to her being nominated to the Supreme Court. Nearly two decades earlier however, she apparently knew what it meant. She said "No matter how liberal I am" in a context which indicated she considered herself very liberal.

Ed Whelan explains exactly what a liberal judge might do using her actions.

"But I think that I can offer Sotomayor even more help on what “liberal” means, at least in the context of judging. 


A liberal judge thinks that it’s proper to indulge her own identity in deciding cases. 


A liberal judge celebrates “the importance of indefiniteness in the law” and the “unpredictability” that results when a judge “develop[s] a novel approach” that “pushes the law in a new direction.”


A liberal judge resorts to shenanigans to bury the claims of white firefighters that they’ve been discriminated against on the basis of their race.


A liberal judge favors campaign-finance restrictions over the First Amendment.


A liberal judge embraces novel equal-protection theories that would compromise public safety.


A liberal judge publicly cheerleads liberal politicians.


A liberal judge excuses her own acts of discrimination.


A liberal judge thinks that Supreme Court justices are entitled to make policy.


A liberal judge hides her support for racial quotas behind gauzy euphemisms.


A liberal judge commends lawsuits that promote abortion and illegal immigration and that undermine welfare reform.


Hope these examples help.  Happy to flesh out more fully.


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