Thursday, June 11, 2009

Uighurs Released to Bermuda, British Government Furious

The first four of 17 Uighurs have been resettled in Bermuda. All told, we are paying the government some $200 Million. Not to worry, we are releasing them so they must be safe; right? Well, we also imposed travel restrictions that prevent them from coming back. If we are concerned that these terrorists might try to get back in to this country to hurt and kill Americans, why not just keep them in custody? Instead we are paying a rather large sum of money to start worrying about these guys again.

It actually gets worse. Bermuda is a dependency of Britain. The United Kingdom is responsible for Bermuda's foreign policy and security. China has demanded the return of the Uighurs. Here is the kicker, no one ever bothered to tell the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that they were going to be transferred. This has created the potential of a diplomatic crisis between London and Beijing.

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Update (6/13/2009):

Forgot to add the source for the "$200 Million" number. It was

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