Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"National Sovereignty Day" in Iraq

Today is "National Sovereignty Day" in Iraq. It is the day that the United States (and allies) hand over full control of major Iraqi population centers to Iraqi forces. The United States has begun to withdraw from those areas. American forces are not going far and can/will respond when needed. There will still be some American troops in the cities taking on 'advisory roles'. No hard number on exactly how many advisers will remain in the cities have been given.


"Iraq officially took control of its fate Tuesday as the U.S. pulled its combat troops out of Baghdad and other cities and towns, handing over security responsibilities to Iraqi forces.

The withdrawal completed the Status of Forces agreement signed last November, and touched off celebrations in Baghdad and other cities.
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki declared Tuesday to be "National Sovereignty Day," complete with a military parade to display to Iraqis — and a still stubborn insurgency — its ability to maintain order in a nation ravaged by six years of war.

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