Friday, June 26, 2009

Iranian Revolution (Day Fourteen)

Update (6/27/2009):Berman Post: Iranian Revolution (Day Fifteen). End of Update:

Clerics are broadcasting the message that some of the protesters should be executed ( and This could be a signal that the bloody crackdown may move from the violent streets to the courtroom.

Videos embedded below. In the first one (VERY Graffic Warning) you see a man shot dead. The second video is a few days old, but you can see the government forces shooting from the roof top (

Picture of courage or photoshopped ( says photoshop [via].

Iran women

The protesters put together a 'beat it' video.

Protesters are asking Israel for help (

Obama makes another statement, once again stronger then past ( Once he gets over excusing his past statements (mistakes) Obama says what he should have said over a week ago.

More on his comments at

McCain (R), Lieberman (D) and Graham (R) to introduce legislation meant to help the protesters get around the government's internet blocks/restrictions (

Charles Krauthammer on how the protesters need their Yeltsin for the revolution to succeed (

John Bolton advocates for regime change (,0,5709858.story).

Ion Mihai Pacepa pens an open letter to Pásdárán (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Generals) (; "I appeal to you, generals of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the Pásdárán: Do what I did! Defend the people, not the tyrant. I am a two-star general who was once at the top of communist Romania's version of the Pásdárán, the Securitate, and I learned the hard way that no tyrant can keep a country's people enchained for ever.

I have been in your shoes. In December 1988, the Romanians took to the streets to overthrow their two-bit Dracula dictator, Ceausescu, just re-enthroned at the end of a rigged election, just as the people of Iran are trying now to get rid of their Hitler-style dictator, just re-enthroned at the end of another rigged election. Like Ahmadinejad, Ceausescu also ordered his security forces to open fire against the population.

I sided with the people.

Neda's father has apparently been forced to say that the protesters killed his daughter (

"Arab Activists Watch Iran And Wonder: 'Why Not Us?'"; the dominoes are falling... (

"U.S. denied Iran official visa for U.N. meeting: envoy" (

Could Ahmadinejad be better for the United States than Moussavi would be ( My vote is always for freedom.

If this involved Israel, the UN would be acting a lot more forceful and would have done so quickly (

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