Monday, June 29, 2009

Iranian Revolution (Day Seventeen)

Update (6/30/2009):Berman Post: Iranian Revolution (Day Eighteen). End of Update:

The 'recount' is over and Ahmadinejad has been confirmed as the winner (

Protesters apparently tried to form a human chain (; "At Mellat park,Valieasr Sq,Vanak Sq and Valieasr street pedestrian way,people have took each other's hands and trying to make a human chain.".

Here is a video that appears to be from yesterdays protests. You can see the guard on the roof appear to fire indiscriminately at protesters (

This is a video that appears to show a dead female protester being taken away by an ambulance (

Some of the arrested protesters could be spending a lot of time locked up (; "Intelligence Minister says some of the arrested “will not be released.”

According to BBC Persian, Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie, the minister of intelligence, just introduced a new criteria for prosecuting arrested individuals.

Five of the British embassy employees taken by the Iranian government have been released ($1307489.htm). There are others still being held.

Hillary Clinton condemned the "harassment" of the British diplomats ( []).

Rasmussen poll - 42% say Obama's response to Iran is just right, 40% say no aggressive enough, 5% say too aggressive, 13% not sure ( More interesting, if slightly disheartening, info at the source.

Iranian state media is once again trying to shift the blame for Neda's death ( I do not think anyone will buy this version who did not fall for their last pathetic attempt. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad is calling for an 'investigation' into her death (,2933,529391,00.html).

Afghanistan is starting to clamp down on media coveradge of Iran (; "Last week, however, the Iranian Consulate in this Afghan city near the Iranian border complained to the Afghan Ministry of Culture that the student newspaper, "Pegah," was inappropriately critical of Tehran's crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators.

The newspaper was closed for 10 days, the university fired the responsible journalists and the paper was reopened with no news of the protests.
". Hopefully this is just one misguided official and as the incident is publicized it will be reversed instead of spreading.

Fareed Zakaria thinks this revolution will come to an end without overthrowing the government, though it may have struck a fatal blow long term (

A. Savyon thinks opines similarly (

The Iranian soccer players may not have been punished by being 'permanently retired' for wearing green (

Bon Jovi has voiced his support for the protesters ( This could be the start of a number of high profile people openly voicing their support.

Trying to put a face on the dead and detained at (via Head over to see if you can help, they need it.

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  1. that report from Press TV is such a load of rubbish - 10/10 on the BS meter. It is strange how they are turning up these witnesses that contradict the truth of the matter. Also the claim that Neda was shot by a small bullet is total BS - especially when they bald faced lied about the police and the basij not having weapons.

    For heaven's sake there are pictures and video film everywhere showing the basij with guns shooting, and with batons bashing people.

    Also, according to the doctor who was there, the people on the spot took the ID of the basij who shot Neda, they took his photo and then let him go.

    Maybe they need to release both that ID and photo now. They need to release all footage that shows the basij using weapons.

    This fight is not over. It is just beginning.

    As for the "result" of the recount of votes - I wonder how they managed that one? Did they make sure that they stuffed those ballot boxes with Nutjob votes before they were counted? Would not put anything past that regime. They are liars - Khamenei is one bald faced liar and his Guardian Council are liars. They have no credibility at all.

  2. Several misspellings undermine the seriousness of your message. Please correct:

    Protesters apparently TRIED to form a human chain.

    trying to make a human chain.".
    arrested individuals.".
    (The period within the quotation is sufficient, you don't need the second period.)

    5% say TOO aggressive,

    blame for NEDA'S death

    'investigation into her death
    (This sentence should use double quotes, not single, and needs a closing quote mark. There are similar errors in following paragraphs.)

    face on the dead AND detained

  3. Is it just me or is the Iranian government clinging to religion and guns?


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