Friday, June 26, 2009

One Billion Dollar For the F-22 And F-35 to Much For Obama

Obama has threatened to veto the defense bill if it contains a billion dollars in spending for the F-22 and F-35 combined. This seems a bit strange at first stroke. Is Obama trying to take some sort of position against waist full spending by indicating great concern over a relatively small sum of money given all his other programs? Does he not care as much about military spending? He could just think that the spending is not needed. All things considered, I would much rather spend a bit to much and be a bit to prepared in the defense sphere than the ridiculous overspending and waist we have seen in many of his other bills.

"Jake Tapper reports that the inclusion of money for the F-22 and an alternative engine for its competitor F-35 fighters may get a presidential bounce for the entire defense budget:

Congress and the White House appear headed for a collision. The White House this week threatened to veto a defense bill if it includes military spending that Defense Secretary Gates outlined as wasteful and unnecessary. The House passed the $680 billion bill with those provisions Thursday, by a vote of 389-22.

Specifically, President Obama opposes the inclusion of $369 million in the bill for more F-22 fighter jets and $603 million for development and procurement of the alternative engine program for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.

If the final bill presented to the president contains either of those provision, a White House statement released Wednesday threatened, “the president’s senior advisors would recommend a veto.”

Um, seriously? For the record, the combined total of these two programs amounts to:

  • 0.13% of Porkulus

  • 0.14% of the defense bill

  • 0.0972% of what Obama claims ObamaCare will cost

  • 0.075% of what the CBO claims ObamaCare will cost

  • 0.024% of what ObamaCare will actually cost


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