Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iranian Election Fraud Protest at Union Square (NYC)

An Iranian election fraud protest was held today in Union Square (NYC). This one was substantially larger then the last one held in within eye sight of the United Nations (Berman Post: Iranian Election Fraud Protest (NYC)). This was a Grassroots protest (Berman Post: Grassroots vs Astroturf - How to Tell The Movements Apart). There were a few individuals that seemed to come prepared, and there were some repeat signs, but on balance I do not think it is anywhere close to being Astroturf. There were about 500 people there; certainly more than 400, but I do not think there were 600. You will be able to judge for yourself as I got some nice crowd shots from an overlooking building. No counter protesters or agitators, but considering people are rallying for free and fair elections you would not think there would be any. There were a few expensive cameras, but I think most of the reports you will see on this will be from bloggers.

As usual, some of the better pictures are included below. A link to the rest of the photo album will be under that. Please link to this page (not the photo album) if you wish to use this post or show your readers the pictures (Thanks in advanced).

Video first. It seems like a long clip because I combined them all into one for ease. If you do not want to see anymore chanting jump to the end for the overlooking shot.

Video embedded below.

Pictures embedded below. (crowd shots at the end) Be Warned some of the people were holding up disturbing pictures from Iran which you will be able to see in these photos.

Photo album can be found at

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  1. Excellent photos and reporting! Keep up the good work!

    Dan Maloney
    NY State Coordinator
    Gathering of Eagles

  2. Next time be sure you have some photos that make it crystal clear where the demonstration is. Visually, without using text.

    This is so when you send the photos to the Iranian protesters they can figure it out without translating. And it proves international support. They need that right now.

    Better: Print out photos of Iranian protests and use them as your protest signs. Then when you send photos of your protest to Iran it will be crystal clear.

  3. Obama: "Change we* can believe in."

    * Does not include citizens of Iran.

  4. Anonymous: "Next time be sure you have some photos that make it crystal clear where the demonstration is. Visually, without using text."

    There are a number of photos that would be recognizable to have been taken in NYC based on the buildings, statute, or signs that read "Union Square" in the background. I will grant you that they may not have been "crystal clear" to someone who may not be that familiar with NYC. Next time I will try to incorporate more well known landmarks.


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