Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranian Revolution (Day Nine)

Update (6/22/2009):Berman Post: Iranian Revolution (Day Ten). End of Update:

The back and fourth continued today starting very early. In this first video you can not see anything because the sun is not out, but you can hear the screams of terror as the authority are going on night raids. In the second video it appears the protesters strike back lighting a gas line.

Videos embedded below. (from

This video is said to be the aftermath of a helicopter attack dropping some agent. I can not say with any certainty, but it does not seem to be anything more then tear gas. You can not hear a helicopter either. You can judge for yourself.

Here you can see the protesters marching and chanting; "According to this video, protests continue today in Tehran despite yesterday’s violence. At first you will hear the cries of “God is Great!” Followed by “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! We are all together!” And then “Death to the Dictator!”"(

Get some up close and personal shots of the Basij at The site is not in English, but the pictures tell the story.

You feel good video of the day can be found at (via You have to wait to the end to see the government forced making a hasty retreat as the protesters decided to make a run at them.

A lot more videos can be found at

A list of Embassies accepting injured protesters in Iran at More info at (via

View Embassies Accepting Injured People in Tehran in a larger map

Members of Rafsanjani’s family were arrested/detained (, before being the released ( Everyone sees this for what it likely is, a warning or shot across the bow.

This could be evidence of a real power struggle between the ruling clerics (

Mousavi’s campaign managers are thought to have also been arrested.

Iranian state media is reporting the Guardian Council saying that in at least 50 cities there was over 100% turn out; read fraud/rigged (§ionid=351020101).

Neda, the young women who was shot by government forces and died on camera (video embedded in the round up yesterday), has become a rallying cry for the protesters (,, and,8599,1906049,00.html).

The Iranian foreign minister is still invited to next week's G8 meeting at the apparent request of Obama (;

"Despite the arrests, killings and beatings of protesters in Iran, Western leaders keep the invitation for the Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki at the G8 meeting in Trieste (Italy) next week. The Obama administration apparently still hopes the Iranians will help in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and so the Italians followed orders and did not withdraw the invitation."

Obama's Approval Index (difference between people who strongly approve vs people who strongly disapprove) has hit negative numbers for the first time ( [via]).

Obama decided today was a good day to go play golf with Biden (

Iran is now considered the "world’s biggest prison for journalists" ( A photographer Life magazine is now reported as missing (

Ridiculous unnecessary and outright strange (not to mention wrong) political attack of the day; "The Real Lesson Of Iran -- Beware America's Republican Mullahs" (

If you want a second, GatewayPundit has the story at

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  1. Are the embassies really accepting Iranian wounded? That would seem an exceptional thing for them to do, and would almost obligate them to offer asylum to nearly any Iranian who wanted it.

  2. A better link with a full list color coded based on whether embassies are taking injured is here:
    There is a map that is always updated linked. This information is constantly being updated. Thanks


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