Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iranian Revolution (Day Sixteen)

Update (6/29/2009):Berman Post: Iranian Revolution (Day Seventeen). End of Update:

Protesters took to the streets today again in substantial numbers. An estimated 7,000 to 20,000 people turned out. That is way down from the initial waves. The lack of needed support from the outside world and the absolute slaughter appears to be continuing to cut down on their numbers. This could still be a case of the word not getting out about more, but it seems highly unlikely that the number from today is even close to the start. Hopefully this just signals a general shift from street marches to undermining the government economically as apposed to the revolution coming to a brutal end.

José Maria Aznar opines similarly "Silence Has Consequences for Iran" (

The Iranian government has arrested eight British embassy workers in Tehran. They are accused of "playing major parts" in the uprising/protests (employees,0,7411437.story).

Two videos from today (

Here is an arrest reportedly from today.

Here is a picture (


Despite everything that has gone down over the last two weeks, the Obama administration is still open to talking with the Iranian government ( []); "The Obama administration is open to discussions with Iran over its nuclear ambitions despite protests questioning the legitimacy of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election, U.S. officials said Sunday."

Sudarsan Raghavan on the 'Role of Women In Iranian Protests' (

China, Cuba and Burma have been censoring the news regarding Iran in their country (

Thoughts on Twitter and the situation in Iran ( [via]).

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