Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chilling Words of The Mumbai (India) Terrorists

The chilling words of the Mubai terrorists have been released. http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2009/06/the-chilling-words-of-the-muslim-mumbai-killers-recorded-during-their-murder-spree-keep-killing-keep.html has the transcripts from some of the Mumbai terrorists' phone conversations during the attack. There is also a transcript from the surviving terrorist being interrogated by authorities.

From the interrogation:
"Interrogator: 'And how many people did you kill?'
Kasab: 'I don't know. I just kept firing and firing.'
Interrogator: 'And this job. What time was it supposed to finish?'
Kasab: 'They said as long as you're alive, keep killing, keep killing, the dogs.'

If there was any doubt to how cold blooded these terrorist were:

"Wasi: 'Do one of them now, in the name of God. You've tied them up, right?'
Akasha: 'Yeah. I'll untie their feet.'
Wasi: 'Just stand them up. If they're tied up, leave them tied up.'
Akasha then raises another objection. He doesn't want to kill the two women in the room where he and Umer are sitting.
Wasi: 'It'll only take two shots. Do it in the room where you are now.'
Akasha: 'All right, yes.'
Wasi: 'Do it. Shoot them and shove them over to one side of the room.'
Akasha shuffles off somewhere but leaves the line open. Wasi holds the line for a full seven minutes. He calls Akasha's name a few times, then hangs up. In the next call, ten minutes later, Akasha seems more upbeat.
Akasha: 'Please don't be angry. I've rejigged things a bit and now...'
Wasi: 'Have you done the job yet or not?'
Akasha: 'We were just waiting for you to call back, so we could do it while you're on the phone.'
Wasi: 'Do it, in God's name.'
Akasha: 'Just a sec... hold the line...'
Akasha places the phone in his pocket. There is a lot of rustling (presumably Akasha crawling over to the hostages) followed by silence. Then a loud burst of gunfire. And then silence. More rustling, then Akasha is back. His voice has changed markedly. It's now a deep, eerie rasp.
Wasi: 'That was one of them, right?'
Akasha: 'Both.'

Keep in mind that these terrorists brutally tortured their captives before killing them, exerting 'extra effort' on a Rabbi and his pregnant wife including sexually assaulting them before mutilating their genitalia's.

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