Monday, June 15, 2009

Prairie Dogs Escape From Half-Million Dollar Habitat in Ten Minutes

Prairie Dogs are apparently a lot more clever then they look. It took them just ten minutes to escape from an 'escape-proof' $500,000 new enclosure. Even as the zookeepers rounded them up and plugged the holes, the Prairie Dogs kept escaping. They are all fine and back in their new homes now.,0,685569.story

"It took just 10 minutes for a dozen prairie dogs to outwit the creators of the Maryland Zoo's new $500,000 habitat.

Aircraft wire, poured concrete and slick plastic walls proved no match for the fast-footed rodents, the stars of a new exhibit that opens today.
An hour later, just as zookeepers thought everything was under control, one rodent made it to the top of the wall. A dozen workers closed in. The prairie dog seemed to think better of it and jumped back into the enclosure.

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