Monday, June 15, 2009

UN Workers Stealing Food Meant For Starving Children

Food desperately needed to help starving children in Somalia is instead being sold by the United Nations workers to make them some money. People can walk into the supply warehouses and buy as much food as they can transport. With over three million people in need, and one out of six children malnourished, this rampant theft is especially heinous.

"Stacks of bags of maize and wheat and tins of cooking oil — marked “not for re-sale” and bearing the UN stamp — are on sale from ten warehouses and 15 shops in the city’s main market.
Mogadishu traders told Channel 4 News that they bought their supplies straight from UN staff. “We buy [food] aid from WFP staff directly or from people they employ,” one market trader said.

“They take us to the warehouses used by the WFP and let us load our lorries. The goods are freely available and you can buy as much as you like

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