Monday, December 1, 2008

Terror Strikes in Mumbai (India) Aftermath - Burial News

Generally, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack burial news is ignored. That is because usually their is nothing special or interesting about it. Of course, there are almost always heart wrenching pictures of the victim's family and friends; but that is not the kind of news I am talking about here.

What is newsworthy here is that The Muslim Council on Sunday decided not to bury the bodies of the terrorists in their seminary. Effectively, a proper Muslim funeral in a Muslim cemetery will no longer be possible for these terrorists. Hopefully this will be seen by potential Muslim extremists as a message that a prominent Muslim group considers the acts of terrorism to be against Islam. Will it; we can all hope, but I am not holding my breath.

"The Muslim Council on Sunday decided not to allow burial of the bodies of the nine terrorists killed during the Mumbai siege in the
Marine Lines Bada Qabrastan (cemetery).

The council said it was trying to send a message to all cemeteries in India that none of the bodies should be buried on Indian soil.

In other burial news, the six Jews (four of which were Israeli citizens) that were tortured and murdered in the terror attacks were flown to Israel to be buried in Jerusalem. Their deaths were senseless (as were the deaths of the other victims), but there families can hopefully garner some comfort from the national honors and proper burial they will receive back home in Israel.

"The remains of six Jews including four Israeli nationals killed in the Mumbai attacks were flown back to Israel Monday night ahead of Jerusalem burials Tuesday.

The coffins carrying the bodies from India on an air force plane were draped in Israeli flags for an official landing ceremony, national radio reported.
Both sets of parents were seated on the plane after emotional scenes at a Mumbai synagogue earlier Monday as their two-year-old orphan, Moshe, cried out for his parents.

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